no more stopwatch, no need for human interactions, just work normal and ChanJit will produce full and rich reports for you.

get better insights on your buisness and improve your productivity as well as profitability

Time Tracking

Real Real Real Time Tracking!!!
Track time spent working on project related tasks or time spent on irrelevant stuff

Introducing: the "VelociTree" Control

The most visualized, fastest and easiest way to organize your entire company in a tree form, from the company level to the latest task.

Multi projects methods support!

Organize your project in a specific method for each project: Scrum Agile, Waterfall or Hybrid

Methods Guidelines tutorials!

Highlight planning issues related to each project method!

Progress overview!

View completed sprints and get a top level perspective!

Auto detection

Auto detects new windows you work on and popup the task connection window to let you connect them to a specific task


Screenshots from the application

  • Employees Work Report
  • All Work Report
  • Bottle Necks Report
  • Clients & Tasks Report
  • Create & Plan From a Tree
  • Top Level View
  • Task Board
  • Burn Down
  • Gantt Chart

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